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Learning Laguna School Program
Fall 2020 Update

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Would your students enjoy learning more about the wetlands environment here in Sonoma County? The Learning Laguna school program has been adapted to the distance learning model! Starting October 5, we will offer school children in the 3rd grade a chance to learn more about the Laguna watershed, wetlands, and the flora and fauna of Sonoma County. The multi-part program includes educational videos, asynchronistic activities that relate to the videos, and the opportunity to have our specially trained docents come to your virtual classroom to expand the learning and to awaken the children's enthusiasm to the wonders of the natural world. To start your class on the virtual Learning Laguna journey, complete this Google form.

We have Learning Laguna Google Classroom for 3rd grade teachers!

The Classroom includes:

  • Specially made videos
  • Suggested activities that go along with each of the videos. You have the choice to assign the corresponding activities or mix and match to suit your curriculum.
  • We are also offering each participating class up to 3 virtual classroom visits by Learning Laguna docents. They will bring fun learning activities that relate to the videos and the asynchronistic student activities to your virtual classroom setting.
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Program Details

Video Descriptions

Join Docent Franny as she looks for evidence of wildlife in the Laguna.

Meet the Laguna de Santa Rosa: Join Docent Christine out in the field to open the video. Then go back to the office for a slide show of beautiful pictures of the Laguna throughout the year to learn about the important jobs of the Laguna and some of the wildlife that share the watershed.

Who Am I?: This popular Learning Laguna activity comes to life with Docent Teri as she teaches about some of the ways scientists categorize animals. Play “Stump the Docent” and get to know some of the animals in the categories.

Bird Investigation Station: Awaken student curiosity about birds and hone observation skills and analytical thinking. This video includes discussion about the concepts of adaptation and camouflage, nest building, plus relationships between form and function using specimens.

Exploring Lower Stone Farm in the Fall: Docent Franny is looking for evidence of wildlife and the signs of fall on a lovely foggy morning.

Wildlife Camera Videos:  Lots of animals use creeks to move around in their territory. Learn about wildlife cameras from Docent Shelly and watch footage of the animals.

Tiddalick: This enchanting fable, adapted from Aboriginal folklore, is the story of a giant frog who drinks all the water of the Laguna. Will the animals be able to convince Tiddalick to return the water? The story is beautifully illustrated by local artist Molly Eckler, written and narrated by Denise Cadman.

Asynchronistic Activities


Word puzzles, story writing prompts, scavenger hunts, bird observation data sheets, experiment with a potato “trap” and do an insect survey at home.  Instructions and Google docs for these activities and more are included in the Learning Laguna Classroom.

Classroom Visits

Many of the Laguna's wonders are waiting to be discovered!

Docents will join your regular Zoom sessions with students to spark enthusiasm, deepen the learning, and build community. Depending on the length of time available, docents can do any or all of these activities with your students on a schedule that works for your class:
  • Visit #1 – Identify your Laguna creek. Learn about the mystery object in the introductory video. Play the “Take a Picture” game. Look at images of Laguna animals taken with motion detecting cameras and see if you can identify the animal.
  • Visit #2 – Play the WHO AM I “Stump the Docent” game in real time. Practice your agility by playing Animal Olympics. Learn more about wildlife through nature jokes & riddles.
  • Visit # 3 – Get moving with the bird wing beats game! Learn about bird migration and how natural phenomena affect your bird’s ability to find food by playing our special Migration Game.

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If this opportunity sounds interesting to you, please complete this short Google form to apply. We look forward to hearing from you!

Thank You to Our Partners

This program is made possible through the generosity of our donors and by the voters of Sonoma County who fund the work of Ag + Open Space with a quarter-cent sales tax.

For more information, contact Christine Fontaine, Education Director
by email at Christine@LagunaFoundation.org

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