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The Laguna de Santa Rosa is the 30th Ramsar Wetland of International Importance in the country. Learn more

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Ramsar Designation

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Since 1971, wetlands all over the world have been designated by the Ramsar Convention to highlight the importance of wetlands and the ecosystem services they provide. The Laguna de Santa Rosa Wetland Complex is the 30th site in the nation to receive this unique distinction.

The Ramsar Convention was born out of the interest in protecting migratory waterfowl which utilize wetland habitats in multiple countries and has grown to highlight the many important ecosystem services wetlands provide including flood control, species habitat, and human recreation just to name a few. The Ramsar Convention protects wetland habitat through non-regulatory means by raising public awareness of the importance of wetlands in our global ecology. The Laguna Foundation led a group of private and public land owners through a lengthy process of petitioning Ramsar to recognize the Laguna de Santa Rosa Wetland Complex and on World Wetlands Day, February 2, 2011, the Convention named the Laguna de Santa Rosa Wetland Complex as a Wetland of International Importance!

The Laguna and surrounding Santa Rosa Plain Wetland Complex are of particular international importance due to the rare and endangered plant and animal species found here, the biodiversity of our region; one of the world’s few diverse hotspots, and our unique vernal pool environments. We live in a special place one recognized not just locally, but internationally.

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